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Hardegree Insurance has partnered with National Insurance Application Systems, Inc. (NIAS), a 25 year old independent workers’ compensation claims auditing firm, whose sole function is to:

  • Audit open workers’ compensation claim files and changes reserves

  • Verify modifiers at renewal & pursue corrections with the Carriers

  •  Historically reduces premiums by 20 – 30%

AcuComp® is both retrospective and prospective, which results in a permanent drop in an experience modification averaging 27 points over time. As long as an insured remains with the program experience modifiers will stay at their lowest possible point.

We feel that the process of managing your workers’ compensation issues properly is so complex and time consuming that we have partnered with a highly specialized firm AcuComp® that focuses entirely on reducing open claims reserves before Unit Stat time to bring down your modifiers for the next policy cycle.

We believe one of the most important things an agent can do for you is to properly exercise your statutory ‘check & balance’ rights with your insurance carrier.

AcuComp®, a proven, proactive, long term plan in place to control your worker’s compensation costs!

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